Praise Team

Worship Him • Praise Him • Glorify His Holy Name

In this ever-changing world of broken dreams, fear and doubt, missed opportunities and often times devastating circumstances, there is one place where peace can be found: in the presence of Jehovah, and praise and worship is the vehicle that ushers us into His presence, whether we are worshipping corporately or alone; it is where we can lay every burden at His feet; it is where victories are won and strongholds are shattered. The Book of Psalms is our mandate for praise. In it, we find a pattern to live by. It is where we are instructed to praise God by dancing, shouting, celebrating, singing, clapping, lifting our hands, in reverence and with every instrument that He Himself created. It is where King David poured out his every emotion to God (his sorrow, pain, fear, repentance and acknowledgement of God's greatness). He shows us just how important praise and worship are to our God. It's life to every Christian.

Contact Hampton Haywood if you are interested in joining the Praise Team or would just like to bless the Lord during our Sunday worship service with a solo.

 Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord. Psalm 150:5